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April 2015

Undrafted Free Agents

Each year approximately 255 players have the privilege of being selected in the NFL Draft. However, these players are not the totality of new talent for Clubs and GMs to consider. Any prospective draftee that goes undrafted immediately becomes eligible to negotiate and sign a Player Contract with any Club. These undrafted free agents are the great unknowns of the NFL personnel selection process.
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NFL Draft Strategy

The NFL Draft consists of seven rounds, in which each Club is initially allotted one pick. Clubs can be awarded additional compensatory selections based on the results of free agency, according to a formula agreed to by the NFL and NFLPA. The NFL Draft is a Club’s principal opportunity to a premium product at wholesale prices. Poor drafts, however, can also doom a GM and Club. Many argue that the NFL Draft is the most important building block for a GM...
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