April 2015

Why you should join The Scouting Academy

Hear from Louis Riddick on why you cannot learn scouting through osmosis and why you need to learn from those who have mastered the techniques before.
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QB Interview with

I recently was contacted by Danish NFL reported Soren Hygum Hansen of He had some good questions about finding a QB in the NFL. Here are my responses.
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Undrafted Free Agents

Each year approximately 255 players have the privilege of being selected in the NFL Draft. However, these players are not the totality of new talent for Clubs and GMs to consider. Any prospective draftee that goes undrafted immediately becomes eligible to negotiate and sign a Player Contract with any Club. These undrafted free agents are the great unknowns of the NFL personnel selection process.
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NFL Draft Strategy

The NFL Draft consists of seven rounds, in which each Club is initially allotted one pick. Clubs can be awarded additional compensatory selections based on the results of free agency, according to a formula agreed to by the NFL and NFLPA. The NFL Draft is a Club’s principal opportunity to a premium product at wholesale prices. Poor drafts, however, can also doom a GM and Club. Many argue that the NFL Draft is the most important building block for a GM...
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March 2015

Roster Management in the NFL

A GM’s first priority is to put players on the field that will win football games. Regardless of all the other duties of a GM, at the end of the day a GM must be able to recognize talent. To that end, GMs generally delegate and supervise many important Club functions so that they can focus on player personnel decisions...
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The Why

If you care about something you want to learn more that simply what is on the surface. You want to learn why. As such, I wanted to share with you a letter on why we started the Scouting Academy
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Why is the Salary Cap so important in NFL decision making?

Many of a GM’s duties must be analyzed within the confines of the NFL-NFLPA collective bargaining agreement (CBA). Pursuant to the National Labor Relations Act, employers and employees are obligated to negotiate in good faith over the terms and conditions of employment. Certain subjects, such as the rate and method of pay, discipline, safety and grievance and arbitration procedures, are mandatory subjects of bargaining, while others are merely permissive, such as the identity of the bargaini...
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February 2015

Waivers and Trades

GMs are not done manipulating the roster once the Draft is complete and undrafted free agents are signed. GMs are always evaluating the roster and trying to bring in the best player to generate competition at every level. In his first year as GM of the Seattle Seahawks, John Schneider, along with new head coach Pete Carroll made 283 roster moves. The shuffling was largely to create competition for playing time. Carroll used the strategy to build teams that won two national titles in his nin...
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September 2014

Overseeing a Scouting Department

Successful management of the Draft is undoubtedly the most critical component of a GM’s personnel decisions. Nevertheless, as discussed above, there are a variety of ways in which a GM can build a roster. Falcons GM Thomas Dimitoff explained that “[t]here are some very, very talented players coming into this league through the draft, through free agency, and the easy thing to do is to bring in the most talented players whether they fit or don't fit. You can win that way, no question about ...
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Sample Report by Top Academy Graduate

Having trained a number of people in an effort to launch a career in evaluation, some have truly excelled under the likes of Jerry Angelo and Dan Hatman. One such man who saw exceptional results was Greg Castillo. Greg has been kind enough to share one of the scouting reports that he produced while working through the Scouting Academy program last year.
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