Thoughts on our third anniversary
26 July 2017

Thoughts on our third anniversary

One of the first pieces I put together for The Academy was an outline of why we built this program. We wanted to provide people an opportunity to develop their scouting acumen, to understand their capabilities within this industry, to better map out how they were going to earn their shot, and ultimately, to equip them with the tools to maximize their opportunities once they were there. We hoped to help a variety of people pursue positions with NFL and CFB teams, with agency operations, with football analysis, and even those looking to be a better fan of their team.

In our 3 years, we have worked with hundreds of students from every walk of life, football background, capability level, and end goal. Everyone from high school seniors who want to be prepared for opportunities to volunteer in CFB recruiting offices, to former NFL players embarking on their next journey, to 62 year old pediatric surgeons who wanted to be the smartest person in the room on Sundays, we have worked with them all.

If you would have asked me 3 years ago, how many alumni we would have working in the game at this point, I may have guessed a couple in the NFL and a dozen or so working in CFB. I was wrong.

I am proud to report that we have 14 alumni working for NFL teams, with another working at the NFL league office, 42 alumni working in coaching or recruiting with CFB programs, including personnel at each of the last 2 National Champions, along with numerous football analysts, agents, and scouting contractors. This is due to the incredible work put in by so many of our alumni. They take the curriculum and make it shine and it is my proudest professional accomplishment to watch them achieve their goals.

I do not know where things will stand in another 3 years, but this is what I can promise you:

  • We will continue to do what is best for the game of football
  • We will continue enhancing our curriculum to better educate you on the evaluation process and evaluation tools
  • We will continue to be available for counsel, whether about initial entry into the program, or about an upcoming interview or job search
  • We will continue to base our model around feedback and always provide you with constructive criticism
  • We will continue to work to enhance our networking opportunities

It has been an honor to work so closely with so many passionate people and I want to thank those who have made this program a priority and devoted themselves to enhancing the scouting community. There are so many who have been integral to The Academy, but I would like to make special mention of people like Jerry Angelo, Louis Riddick, Matt Sheldon, Phil Savage, Chris Palmer, John Peterson, Mike Martz, Charlie Coiner, Brandon Thorn, Craig Falicon, Dave Walkowiak, Alan Dandar, Ryan Zaffer, and most importantly my wife who made many sacrifices for this to come to fruition and continues to put up with my travel time, late night student calls, weekend work, and many other times where I've needed to step away to make sure The Academy is running on all cylinders. 

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