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Additional Materials:   Course Outline

Course Objectives:

Building upon our film evaluation course, the College Area Scouting Course is an experiential learning program that provides insight into what actually goes into the process of working on the road as a college area scout. It is more than simply grinding tape, but executing a detailed plan to identify, qualify, and evaluate every potential draft eligible player in your area. From summer film work to background and character research, from live practice exposure through writing up scouting reports and preparing for draft meetings, we share insight, stories, practical tools, documentation, interview strategies, and much much more on what it takes to be an effective college area scout for an NFL organization.

Course Logistics:

The College Area Scouting course is built off live, online webinars that occur at the beginning and end of each month from July through December. Each session allows for back and forth between the students and the instructors/guest speakers to maximize the learning experience. As an experiential learning program, at the beginning of each month students are assigned a monthly project that varies, but asks the student to get into the field with experiences like attending NFL training camps, making school visits, and submitting reports for draft meetings. At the end of each month we review the assignment and speak with each student about their experience, what went well and even what did not to provide feedback and strategies. We firmly believe that these experiences greatly improve the lessons and outcomes from the course.


Presently, only those who have enrolled in at least 1 semester of our film evaluation course are capable of enrolling in the College Area Scouting Course. You can sign up for information on registering for our film evaluation course here


“The College Area Scouting Course provided me a platform to continue learning the nuances within the scouting profession. I was able to build upon the foundation of the trait-based coursework and experience the life of an Area Scout for myself. This profession isn't about watching tape by yourself in a dark room all day, it forced me to make connections with area universities and put myself out there, whether it be on the sidelines or in the press box, working next to NFL and CFL scouts. The experience was invaluable and I am grateful to Dan Hatman and John Peterson for sharing their vast knowledge while providing me with the opportunities to network with influential people within this profession.” – Kyle Morgan

“The Scouting Academy’s College Area Scouting course provided me with the knowledge and understanding of what it takes to become a college scout. The interactive assignments pushed me to make strides in networking and scouting development. The course, designed and led by veteran NFL scout John Peterson, provided unparalleled knowledge and tutorials that can be of assistance along the way. Scouting Academy gives aspiring evaluators like me the chance to gain insight to what successful scouts do on a weekly and monthly basis. Dan Hatman is always there with a helping hand and aids his students by providing personal feedback and setting time aside to speak to his students who reaches out to him for help. If you are interested in learning more about what it takes to become an Area Scout then this course and place is for you!” – Beau Bell

“Every step of the process, from beginning to end, was explained thoroughly with visual aids and verbally so you know exactly what the position is doing at every step along the way. It was great to get a peek behind the curtain to see only what those who have knowledge of the position know and what role they play in the process of building a roster. The stories I got to hear from the years of experience of the instructors were priceless. Also, being in a class with other like-minded people who love the game was also helpful as they came up with questions I hadn’t thought of that would lead to good information and conversations. I found myself looking forward to each class. I have a newfound respect for those who do this job and all that it entails after taking this class. If you’re interested in becoming an area scout or just want to know what goes into the position this is the class to take.” – Tom Mead

“Dr. John Peterson is a master teacher who gives you an in-depth look into the world of a College Area Scout. He takes you through a very detailed approach of a College Scout’s Year beginning with setting up your calendar and finishing with the draft board along with all the thorough insight along the way. His knowledge and acumen in this class hit all levels of the profession, and he provides you with the opportunity to get a first-hand look through experiential learning projects. This investment in yourself is well worth your time and resources to get a rare comprehensive look at the realm of College Scouting.” -Brock Enderson