Class Instructors and Guest Speakers


Additional Materials:   Course Outline

Course Objectives:

Building upon our film evaluation course, the CFL Scouting Course is a 6 week learning program that provides insight into what it takes to identify talented players for the Canadian Football League. The CFL is not a priority for many when looking at the job market, but that should not be the case. There are very good positions available in the CFL and a place for people to make a good living working in evaluation. The CFL tends to be more open to older scouts and can leverage US based personnel for their purposes. It should be a priority for every aspiring evaluator looking for positions and we want to share with you how to properly identify and qualify prospects for the CFL.

Course Logistics:

The CFL Scouting course is built off live, online webinars that occur each week. Each session allows for back and forth between the students and the instructors/guest speakers to maximize the learning experience. In addition to hearing from current CFL executives and evaluators, the course is an experiential learning program, with the students bring assigned projects that ask the student to get into the field. We firmly believe that these experiences greatly improve the lessons and outcomes from the course.

Registration and Prerequisites:

The CFL Scouting course is available to everyone with no prerequisites. Come spend 6 weeks with us to invest in your football future. Next class start is TBD.