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The Scouting Academy proudly hosts a Live Classroom hosted at the Reese's Senior Bowl

Senior Bowl Live Classroom

Hear from Mike Martz, Jerry Angelo, Louis Riddick and Ted Sundquist on how The Scouting Academy can help you.

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What makes the Scouting Academy a unique place to learn?


With over 560 years of combined NFL experience and 16 Lombardi trophies, there is no better place to learn the process of evaluation.

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Our Academy alumni have earned 40 NFL opportunities and we have deep relationships with NFL Scouting Departments.  


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We have the industry's longest and most robust course. For only $950, you will have real NFL insight in your living room.

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Our instructors are excited about developing the next generation and poised to share core evaluation techniques.


Integrated tutorials. Proven techniques. Unparalleled knowledge... All online.

Because we understand that you cannot drop everything and attend a 16-week course, we have designed the curriculum and built an online learning platform to bring the class to you. You will be able to create a flexible class schedule around your life and have full access to the library of information and years of experience that our instructors bring. There should be no reason you cannot invest in your future despite any life events or previous commitments. 

With each of the 32 NFL teams operating under different value sets and schematics, we teach trait-by-trait evaluations that arm up-and-coming analysts with a vast array of proficiencies. Our Academy allows you to seamlessly step into the scouting world and execute at a high level.

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Hear directly from our Alumni who have successfully leveraged the curriculum and earned their roles with NFL and CFB programs

"I first learned about the Scouting Academy after attending their Live Classroom held at the Senior Bowl and immediately registered for the next semester. Signing up for the program was the best investment I could have made for myself and my career. Even with my solid knowledge of the game of football, I was still able to gain so much insight about the evaluation process from experts that have done it first hand. I am truly grateful to Dan Hatman and his staff for creating a program tailored for aspiring scouts."

—Alex Smith (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

"Dan Hatman established my foundation when it comes to the evaluation process. His knowledge and experiences also allowed me to further improve my schematic understanding and prepare me for how to gain the coaches trust with my evaluations. Dan will push you to become the best you can possibly be."

—Greg Castillo (Kansas City Chiefs)

"The Scouting Academy has the tools and resources any aspiring scout could need. Their in-depth learning style and hands on teaching created directly from NFL Coaches and NFL executives is an invaluable resource. The Scouting Academy will up your game through networking with the industries best to learning the intricacies of the game. Regardless of whether you want to utilize The Scouting Academy to become a successful professional football scout or simply to learn more about the game of football, The Scouting Academy has everything you need to succeed in an accessible location."

—Chance Trickett (Los Angeles Rams)

"No matter how talented you are as an evaluator, it won’t matter unless you can communicate your opinion. Dan and his staff do a phenomenal job of preparing young scouts to properly convey their thoughts on paper and formulate well-structured reports. As football guys, we all understand the importance of practice and I found that getting feedback on my reports from Dan was invaluable to my development. If you’re willing to work hard and take coaching, you will become a better scout!"/p> —Michael DiJulio (New Orleans Saints)

"I simply would not be in the position that I am in today without Dan Hatman and the Scouting Academy. The Academy was both incredibly enjoyable and educational, as students learn directly from NFL coaching and scouting veterans. Dan Hatman's genuine commitment to his students is apparent in his detailed editing of our reports, phone calls to answer questions about each position group, and advice on networking, resumes, and interview preparation long after the 4 month course comes to an end. Whether you are looking to start a career in the NFL, or simply want to learn more about football, the Scouting Academy is the best place to start."

—Drew Jacobs (Minnesota Vikings)

"The Scouting Academy offers the unparalleled experience of learning directly from a large group of experienced NFL executives and coaches. The information students will learn from these personnel experts is priceless and rarely offered to young aspiring scouts. There is no better way to learn about being an NFL scout than learning from the experts who have done it for a living."

—Ryan Gold (Arizona Cardinals)

"Dan and his instructors provide incredible experience, knowledge, and resources that aren’t available anywhere else. Through this course, you will improve your football acumen, learn how to study film like an NFL Scout, and practice verbalizing your evaluations professionally. Through hands-on instruction, The Scouting Academy teaches organized and duplicable techniques to evaluate and write about the game of football. The application is up to you."

—Nathan DiGregorio (Arizona Cardinals)

"The Scouting Academy will greatly help young scouts. There have not been high caliber avenues to learn what it is to scout, what to look at in players, how to evaluate players, etc. There is no bachelor’s degree for scouting. This Academy will put you in contact with people that have reached the level we all want to reach and allow you to take their experience and actually learn from it."

—Dustin Regan (BLESTO Scouting)

"NFL coaches and executives provide the best advice as they have been through the process and have vast knowledge and wisdom of both what you need to know and what you need to do to be successful. Dan Hatman is one of those people. He has aided my development by explaining the life of a scout both in the beginning years and the path that follows after that. I received great advice that I still hold on to today and have seen firsthand. Any question that I had regarding scouting he was more than happy and able to answer."

—Matt Evans (Washington Redskins)

"The exposure that you get with The Scouting Academy to some great football minds is outstanding. A lot of the personnel structure and methods that NFL teams use is making its way to the college level. This course had a big impact on some of the things we are doing now. If you love football and are constantly looking to learn more, this course is well worth your time."

—Drew Hughes (University of Tennessee)

"It's about both what you know and who you know. With The Scouting Academy, you get both. The instructors with The Scouting Academy are second to none and provide you with valuable knowledge that you can’t get anywhere else. The best part about The Scouting Academy is the personal touch added by Dan Hatman, who spends considerable time providing feedback on your reports as well as just general advice. I can’t recommend The Scouting Academy enough for aspiring coaches and scouts alike, and the enrollment fee is well-worth the valuable investment in your future."

—Aaron Miller (Princeton)

"Before joining The Academy, I was curious as to how the time commitment of the course would fit into my schedule. Once I learned that all the modules and material can be completed at any time, at your own pace, I had no reservations about joining. Being able to learn what to look for when scouting, how to look for them, and how to formulate these observations into a written report provided a foundation that I will utilize for the rest of my career. The Live Classroom at the Reese's Senior Bowl gives students a tremendous opportunity to interact face to face with the NFL's scouting community. The 1 on 1 feedback and interactions with you, the director, is what separates The Scouting Academy from any other service. The amount of time and effort that you put into going over our work with us, answering any questions we have, and setting us up for success is truly incredible."

—Dante Fargnoli (Kansas City Chiefs)


—Peter Picerelli (Washington Redskins)


—Dom DeCicco (San Francisco 49ers)


—Craig Clementi (NFL)


—Tory Woodbury (Los Angeles Rams)


—Justin Schaaf (Atlanta Falcons)


—Keith Jennings (Buffalo Bills)

"Joining The Academy is a strong signal to potential employers that you’re serious about working in this field. Whether that’s in the NFL, college or the media industry, The Academy will help you get where you want to be, if you put in the work. It’s an investment in yourself to get better. In my time there, Dan helped flesh out what I needed to better communicate in an organized manner while providing insight to any questions you may have had during your semester and long after. Dan's always there to help you after you completed your time at The Academy. He’ll even help guide you to new opportunities that can be a way of building your resume and putting you on the right path to get where you want to go."

—Joe Ferraiola (NFL)

"You learn the proper way to evaluate positions and the ability to defend your views from proven NFL coaches, scouts and executives and although it is a lot of work; it is a flexible, online curriculum and you can work around your schedule. The cost and time commitment were something I made sure made sense for me but it was well worth it. The feedback from Dan Hatman is invaluable and opportunities like the Senior Bowl Live Classroom, the 6 month college area scouting class with John Peterson, and more will take you to the next level. This class is a must for someone who wants to gain an insight to what it takes to properly evaluate players. You get exposure to some of the best football minds in the business and have the ability to network with people in every aspect of the NFL, NCAA and CFL."

—John Cook (Calgary Stampeders)

"I learned a lot of great information while involved with the Scouting Academy. The ability to make payments made it easy for me to join. My favorite feature was the different point of views from each instructor in each position module which helped me learn the basic principles of trait based evaluation. I would definitely recommend The Scouting Academy. If football is your passion and you want to learn more about the personnel side of the business this is the course for you. They give you a wealth of knowledge from all aspects of the personnel department and will provide you with networking opportunities."

—Beau Bell (Philadelphia Soul)

"I was concerned if I could be excellent at in both my full-time coaching position, overseas, and The Academy simultaneously. I found that The Academy structure quickly erased those concerns. Regardless of how knowledgeable you are in football, there’s a distinct language and writing style used in scouting you have to learn. Unless you are working in an NFL scouting department, The Academy is the only place to gain that training. The Academy's online curriculum streamlined the terminology needed and refined my report writing structure to fit what decision makers in NFL front offices demand. I’d highly recommend The Academy and there welcomed correspondence will guide you in career advancement."

—Brett Morgan (Calgary Stampeders)

"The program hones your skill set as an evaluator. It provides you with the knowledge and experience to identify specific traits, as well as how to effectively communicate what you are seeing on film. More importantly, you receive not only excellent feedback, but it will help you a build a great network to where you want to go."

—Ricky Ciccone (University of Toledo)

"The Scouting Academy material and course work is highly detailed. Dan and his staff do a great job interacting with all aspiring evaluators and are willing to work with you outside the course to help better your knowledge of the game/business of football. I gained a lot of insight, that has been applicable in my day-to-day working experiences in this industry. The Scouting Academy is an investment to your craft and your future."

—Will Christopherson (Maryland)

"As a college football coach, I wanted to make sure that I was on the cutting edge when it came to evaluations. The Scouting Academy helped me to stay ahead of the game as far that goes."

—Van Malone (Kansas State)

"I would recommend The Scouting Academy 10 times over. If you think you want to be a scout, by the time you complete the course; you’ll know whether or not if they want to pursue the business. I enjoyed the fact that Dan Hatman really took the time to critique our reports thoroughly and made sure our message was clear and that we had to qualify for each position module, verifying our knowledge. Through the process, I gained exposure to evaluation of each position individually, both sides of the ball and scouting a variety of players from the elite to the fringe."

—Michael Young (New York Jets)

"The Scouting Academy is the best and most accessible way to learn the scouting process other than working for a team. The resources, curriculum setup and the staff that is provided is unmatched by anyone else out there. With the number of guys scattered around the league with the SA background growing, the program is starting to speak for itself."

—Matt Waugh (Los Angeles Rams)

"The Scouting Academy has truly helped and provided me with much needed knowledge on scouting and evaluating players. The Academy has also given me resources and wisdom I can take with me as I continue in my career. Dan Hatman and his staff are truly doing something special and I owe them all the thanks for providing a phenomenal organization to people looking to get into scouting."

—Jalun Morris (Seattle Seahawks)

"I appreciate The Scouting Academy for all that the program has to offer. It is a opportunity for aspiring evaluators to gain insight into player evaluations from individuals who have had success in the field. You are afforded the opportunity to pursue your passion while practicing your craft and honing your skills. It is a great opportunity, on the job training, and a great networking opportunity."

—Patrick Williams (Baltimore Ravens)

"The Scouting Academy was critical in understanding the fundamentals of the evaluation process used in the National Football League. Aspiring coaches and scouts alike will be exposed to the many methods used by NFL professionals to evaluate talent that can be applied at any level of football. It was absolutely a worthwhile investment."

—Mike Lacy (Indianapolis Colts)