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Learn from NFL Execs and Coaches about the process of scouting. 


The Scouting Academy announces a Live Classroom hosted at the Reese's Senior Bowl

Senior Bowl Live Classroom


Spring registration is now open and the semester begins on January 18th. Please check out the FAQ for details and as always, email questions to: Director@ScoutingAcademy.com

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What makes the Scouting Academy a unique place to learn?


With nearly 300 years of combined NFL experience and 8 Lombardi trophies, there is no better place to learn the game.


This curriculum has been time-tested. It's educated 8 NFL GMs and personnel directors, along with dozens of NFL scouts.


Our Academy has liaisons with 30 NFL Scouting Departments. You will not find a better network anywhere.


We have the industry's longest and most robust course. For only $750, you will have real NFL insight in your living room.

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Our instructors are excited about developing the next generation and poised to share core evaluation techniques.


Integrated tutorials. Proven techniques. Unparalleled knowledge... All online.

Because we understand that you cannot drop everything and attend a 16-week course, we have designed the curriculum and built an online learning platform to bring the class to you. You will be able to create a flexible class schedule around your life and have full access to the library of information and years of experience that our instructors bring. There should be no reason you cannot invest in your future despite any life events or previous commitments. 

With each of the 32 NFL teams operating under different value sets and schematics, we teach trait-by-trait evaluations that arm up-and-coming analysts with a vast array of proficiencies. Our Academy allows you to seamlessly step into the scouting world and execute at a high level.

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Our colleagues are raving about the Scouting Academy.

"Buying supplies to send my resume packets to NFL scouts and executives: $200. Preparing and sending emails to make connections and inquire about job opportunities: 4 hours. Signing up and participating in The Scouting Academy: Priceless! At first I hesitated to sign up due to the price point, but after participating in the Scouting Academy, I proudly see it as a strong investment in myself. It is a no fuss course that has value for too many reasons to list here. The level of NFL evaluation education and experience that the Scouting Academy provides is essential for anyone that is trying to break into the football scouting world. The cherry on top is Dan Hatman, who excels at personal communication through his feedback and general advice about the world of football."

—Garret Mann (Carolina Panthers)

"The Scouting Academy will give individuals relevant and applicable advice about the industry and how things function in this environment. It's a demanding field without a proven training ground. There is a lot that goes into managing the roster from the off-season, into camp, then cut downs, and finally in-season. I didn't know as much about the process when I began and it's crucial to understand these aspects. The Scouting Academy will provide you this foundation."

—Jonathan Howard (New England Patriots)

"The Scouting Academy offers the unparalleled experience of learning directly from a large group of experienced NFL executives and coaches. The information students will learn from these personnel experts is priceless and rarely offered to young aspiring scouts. There is no better way to learn about being an NFL scout than learning from the experts who have done it for a living.

—Ryan Gold (Arizona Cardinals)

"NFL coaches and executives provide the best advice as they have been through the process and have vast knowledge and wisdom of both what you need to know and what you need to do to be successful. Dan Hatman is one of those people. He has aided my development by explaining the life of a scout both in the beginning years and the path that follows after that. I received great advice that I still hold on to today and have seen firsthand. Any question that I had regarding scouting he was more than happy and able to answer."

—Matt Evans (Washington Redskins)

"The Scouting Academy will greatly help young scouts. There have not been high caliber avenues to learn what it is to scout, what to look at in players, how to evaluate players, etc. There is no bachelor’s degree for scouting. This Academy will put you in contact with people that have reached the level we all want to reach and allow you to take their experience and actually learn from it."

—Dustin Regan (BLESTO Scouting)

"Dan Hatman established my foundation when it comes to the evaluation process. His knowledge and experiences also allowed me to further improve my schematic understanding and prepare me for how to gain the coaches trust with my evaluations. Dan will push you to become the best you can possibly be."

—Greg Castillo (Tulane Law School)

"Dan Hatman was the only person that was willing to answer my questions regarding entry into the scouting industry and offered an open door for any future assistance he could provide. I felt like he genuinely wanted to help me and gave me vital information when contacting NFL organizations, which I believe helped me land an position with an NFL team. Dan is knowledgeable and does a good job of sharing his experiences and insight with others."

—AFC South Scout

"Dan Hatman had a significant impact on my knowledge of the game. He was one of the first to speak with me about life in the NFL and he helped prepare me for my current position. Dan is a patient educator and sees the big picture. He is always open to questions and is genuine in his responses. Learning from him is a very good opportunity."

—Jonathan Howard (New England Patriots)

"Dan Hatman has been one of the most important mentors I have had in the football business. He has had a major impact on my preparations for life in the NFL and he is an incredible resource for aspiring scouts. He has a dynamic skill set in regards to coaching, scouting, management and administrative duties but what separates Dan as an educator is his ability to communicate his knowledge to others. His passion for the game is contagious and he delivers his knowledge to students in unique and innovative ways."

—Ryan Gold (Arizona Cardinals)

"The Scouting Academy will give you the hands on experience of analyzing game film and then forming your evaluation into a scouting report. The Scouting Academy understands the long, grueling process and is committed to your improvement. At the end of the day, I was able to learn and refine the positional traits/characteristics, analyze the game film, and finally put my evaluations down on paper."

—Greg Castillo (Tulane Law School)

"Someone once told me “You don’t learn football through osmosis”. It is critical to maximize any chance to listen and learn from Coaches, Scouts, GMs, Directors, especially for someone looking to break into the business. No one knows more than those that have done it before."

—Dustin Regan (BLESTO Scouting)